het meervoud van duivenklok is duivenklokken, van constateur constateurs ook wel constateurs automatique of constateur automatiques. duiveklok duiweklok in zuid africa. duivenconstateur of duivenconstateurs. klok voor de duivensport duiven prikklok duiven stempelklok. postduivenklok, postduiven klok, en in andere talen zoals duits kastenuhr holzkastenuhr, taubenuhr, taubenuhren, brieftaubenuhr, brieftaubenuhren maar ook konstatieruhr, konstatieruhren, konstantieruhr of konstantieruhren. In het engels pigeon clock, pigeon timer, timing device for pigeons. In het frans horlogerie colombophile. Op deze site vind je alle klokken gemaakt voor de duivensport, antieke klokken, goede gebruikte klokken, onderdelen voor duiveklokken. Klik op overzicht om alle bekende merken te bekijken. junior t3 repair new super lithium battery.junior T2 reparatie nieuwe batterij plaatsen. benzing cc computer clock display reparatie. Naast de drukklokken is er ook nog de moederklok of duivenmoederklok, moederklokken. In het duits mutteruhr, mutteruhren en in het engels mastertimer of mastertimers. In het frans montre mere. Alle klokken uit de duivensport. Andere sites www.duivenklokken.com, www.taubenuhren.com, www.constateurs.com, www.pigeonclocks.com


Welcome at pigeonclocks.com, the online pigeon clock museum.

With pictures of over 250 different pigeon clocks this is the most extended site you will find on this subject on the internet. The pictures you will find on this website are taken from my own collection and from other collections. My guess is that is covers 95% of all the pigeon clocks that were ever made.

If you want more than just the pictures on this website, you will have to buy my book on pigeon clocks: Constateurs. I have worked 10 years on this book and it has become the standard work. You will not only find pictures of the pigeon clocks, but also much more extra information. Unfortunatly at the moment this book is only available in Dutch.

If you want to have an idea how the book looks like, visit the unknown brands

About this site:
If you want to use pictures from my website I don't mind as long as you keep the www.pigeonclocks.com intact.

If you are looking at the pigeon clocks you will notice some information like this:
C#: 001
#D: 1
BJ: ca. 1920

This means the following:
C# = Catalog number (note that these numbers are different from the previous site)

#D = Number of pigeons that can be clocked. This can be a number, but also:

  • K = the clock has no drum, but seperate cards where the pigeon number was written down or the rubber race ring was attached to.
  • E = the clock has no drum, but an endless paperroll where the pigeon number was written down.
  • BJ = Building year

    If you have questions or pigeonclocks for sale, please mail to info@pigeonclocks.com

    Thank you for your time, and enjoy the site!

    Gerwin Basch

    2010 Gerwin Basch